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Dive Sites 

Gran Canaria has many beautiful sites where you can discover the diverse marine life of the island.

JB’s channel, Puerto Rico – beach dive
Walk down our terrace steps and into the sea. JB’s channel is a protected channel on the side of Puerto Rico beach. On the outside of the channel is a rock reef that runs along the sea wall. Depth from 2 to 14 metres.
This is where you can take an introductory dive or refresh your skills after a break from diving. The channel is teeming with small fish, damselfish, wrasse, bream and mullet. The reef has lots of small holes where you can search for octopus and cuttlefish.

Pasito Blanco and Arguiniguin Reefs – boat dive
Large reefs with shoals of yellow snappers and barracuda. Rays can be found in the sand and look out for the giant puffer fish. 14 – 20 metres.

Mogan Wrecks – boat dive
Dive two wrecks in one dive. The wrecks are 30 metres long with trumpet fish, groupers, rays and a small shoal of yellow snappers. Watch out for the yellow submarine that also visits the wrecks. 16 to 19 metres.

Artificial Reef – boat dive

Abundant sea life in a small area. This artificial reef is a successful university programme to enhance the diving possibilities on the island. There are large schools of barracudda and yellow snappers, lots of moray eels and sting-rays. Angel shark can also be spotted. 22 metres.

El Pajar – boat dive
A small wreck of a hydrofoil lying at 16 metres on a sandy sea bed. The wreck is complete and can be explored inside and out. You can see yellow snappers inside and outside the wreck as well as rays sheltering underneath.

Balito Reef and Bahia Blanca Reef – boat dives
Two small reefs between 6 and 16 metres, great for beginner divers. Both these reefs have plenty of sea life with trumpet fish, yellow snappers, octopus and moray eels.

National Park “El Cabron” at Arinaga – shore dive
Possibly one of the best dives in the the atlantic. A government protected area accessible from shore, where you will enjoy all the species the Canary Islands has to offer. This is a large reef with several entry and exit points, caves and swim throughs as well as the abundant sea life.
A must see for all levels of divers. 5 – 30 metres

Sardina – shore dive – summer only
Sardina is a small village in the north of the island where the manta rays can be found from July to September. The dive also has a nice reef with canyons
and caves teeming with life. Experienced divers only. 22 metres.